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The Peterlees

Punkrock, hardcore, rock & roll? One thing is certain, The Peterlees deliver 100% pure fucking energy! We got together in 2012,approximately nine months after your mother went to a Tom Jones concert, inspired by bands such as The Bronx, Cancer Bats, Zeke and many other.

Right from the start we only had one mission; play as hard as we can and do it as much as possible. We played many gigs all aroundHolland and a couple in the UK in that first year. Early 2014, The Peterlees won the local ‘Live & Lazarus’ bandbattle. Later that year we shined bright like a diamond during the semi-finals of the ‘grote prijs van NL’, which is the biggest bandcontest of Holland, performing on a national level. In that same year our 5-song debut EP was released under the name P T R L S, and the video of Luckiest Man Alive went viral. We have big plans for the future and will continue to deliver our promise. So moisten up your pinky and show some fistpumps, The Peterlees are here to fuck shit up.


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